Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This fell by the wayside, and I feel it must be resurrected. Anusha, you have so many amazing one-liners you can post here.

I recently decided to give OkCupid one last-ditch effort, and would like to post some of the amazing messages I've received (I will also re-enact the story of being stood up in a later post). My favorite message remains this one:

"Good afternoon miss, I figured I should at least leave a greeting after viewing your profile. My name is Nigel and 1 thing is for certain, that with a smile such as yours, who would need the sun! It would also be my pleasure of getting acquainted through fond conversations over shared interests. I'm hard working, silly, straight forward, creative and family oriented. I'll be looking forward to your response, until then hope you're having a great and pleasant day."

How earnest and utterly ridiculous.

There's also my favorite, the ubiquitous:
-"hi :)"
-"hey, how are you"
-or my favorite of these: "hai"

Then there was the Gujju finance douche, which went as follows:
-blah blah blah, 5-6 decent messages exchanged
-fewer and fewer questions being asked by him, until i gave up and stopped asking him questions
-4 days later, the following two messages in quick succession: "plans this weekend?" and then my favorite, "here's my number, text me _____"

Ah yes, thank you dear Gujju bro, for gracing me with your phone number. You've clearly mastered the way to a girl's heart.


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  1. I see nothing wrong with Nigel! You should give him your virginity.